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Breast Cancer Awareness Program at Amity University Haryana on November 23rd 2022


A higher number  of breast cancer cases occur in metropolitan cities including Mumbai and Delhi, with the highest reported from Mizoram, Kerala, Karnataka and Haryana states. While upto 10% of the cases are hereditary the remaining 90% arise due to lifestyle disorders.  Though some of the cases are beyond control but a majority of the cases can be prevented by reducing behavioural and dietary risks. A major reason for concern In India is that, younger women are affected (average age 40-42yrs) more as compared to an average age of 55-60 years in the west. In fact almost 50% of all cases are in the age group of 25-50. Hence, awareness of breast cancer, its symptoms, early detection, regular self-breast examination, the importance of early diagnosis and prompt treatment is absolutely essential. 


Therefore, we wanted to start a program at the University level, starting with Amity University Haryana where  we can sow the seed of awareness in young minds;  that is the student community. 


We collaborated with Preventive Oncology Dept. NCI Jhajjar AIIMS and Surgical Oncology Department  AIIMS New Delhi to start the awareness program. More than 200 students from different departments joined the Program on 23rd November, 2022.


Nihal's treat during his trip to India in Janurary 2022


Kaushavi’s farewell lunch in September 2022! Good luck for her PhD!

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Summer Barbeque Party in June 2023

Celebrating Science Advances with Sanjay during his trip to India, May 2023


OFCON 2023, enjoyed with Trishna, Ali and Nafees! Nafees got the best oral presentation award!

Wishing Good Luck to Kajal! She is ready to leave for Canada (February 2024)!


Wishing Good Luck to Animesh! He will start the new innings at Rutgers University (September 2023)!


Our (Dr) Nihal taking us out for lunch during his first visit to India after joining Penn State University as a postdoctoral fellow!

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